What is Downdraft Ventilation? Downdraft vs Hood Which is Best

Downdraft ventilation vs Exhaust Hood

After talking about what is downdraft ventilation, let’s learn about downdraft vs hood, how to choose the right one. When it comes to choosing ventilation system for teppanyaki, one may ask if having downdraft ventilation system is better or having exhaust hood on top.

There are many different styles of kitchen range hoods such as wall mounted hoods, island hoods, downdraft ventilation;however, they are all classified types by exhaust hood and downdraft ventilation. Then, what is the difference between exhaust hood type and downdraft system type?

The Difference Between Exhaust Hood Downdraft System

With the teppanyaki equipment that required exhaust hood on top, you’ll need to make sure air duct can be installed on the ceiling and designed and decorated in appearance. Also, because it is further away from the cooking surface, you’ll need a bigger exhaust motor blower for the suction. And it is less healthy for chef because all the cooking smoke will pass through chef before entering exhaust hood.

The downdraft ventilation system has aperture that is located between cooking surface and chef position, it will absorb majority of the cooking smoke not only gives chef better air to breath but also without the grease smell on your clothes. Also, because it is closer to cooking surface, less exhaust is needed; therefore, it will be more quiet and easier to clean (hand reachable).

No matter what type of hood are made with the same purpose and used to remove the grease smell, steam, fume and other toxins in the air that come from cooking and cleaning.

After talking about what is downdraft ventilation and downdraft vs hood which is best, the FANCY’s patent downdraft filtration system is your best choose to safeguard your health and preserves the environment.


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