Hibachi vs Teppanyaki: Difference Between Hibachi and Teppanyaki

What is the difference between hibachi and teppanyaki?

Hibachi vs Teppanyaki, what is the difference between hibachi and teppanyaki? This is a common question for many people. Teppanyaki and Hibachi are both a cooking style involving putting food directly on a surface with open flame beneath it. However, originally from Japan, these two terms are actually two different types of cooking style.

Teppanyaki cooking uses large area of steel plate (“teppan”) for cooking, with either gas stove that create open flame or electric heating element beneath the teppan to create heat source that will heat up the teppan surface. The hibachi cooking, also called yakiniku shichirin in Japanese, uses a smaller portable grill usually made of cast iron with charcoal as the heat source. Hibachi grill can be placed on the tabletop; however, with the charcoal, this is usually done outdoor or need to equipped with exhaust system. Some contemporary models of hibachi evolved with using electric heating element to cook indoor.

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Since both teppanyaki and hibachi involve cooking food over an open flame, in the U.S., the word “hibachi” are now commonly refer to what is known as teppanyaki cooking.

With many similarities of two types of cooking style, people can accept that these two words are interchangeable.


What is Teppanyaki?

After talking about Hibachi vs Teppanyaki, what is the difference between hibachi and teppanyaki, we can talk about what is teppanyaki and hibachi.

Teppanyaki is a Japanese word that describes a style of Japanese cuisine. The word “teppan” means “iron plate” and “yaki” means grilled. This style of cooking refers to dishes prepared on a large, flat iron griddle. Often, chefs will put some flair and style into their cooking to entertain their guests.

The teppanyaki cuisine attaches great importance to the freshness of the ingredients. The chefs often take pride in cooking the food perfectly with little oil and a hint of seasoning. Some restaurants also have their own signature sauce.



What is Hibachi?

The hibachi means “fire bowl” is a heating device form Japan. The shape of this container is cylindrical or box-shaped, which has an open top and made from or lined with a heatproof material and designed to hold burning charcoal. A traditional hibachi grill features an open grate for cooking food, and it is small and easy to carry.

Hibachi-style cooking centered on highlighting the natural flavors in foods, which is why seasonings were sparsely used during the cooking process.

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